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  • June 10, 2022 17 min 56 sec

Mixed wrestling for TV remote and foot smother domination


It's a classic - two inhabitants of a household but only one TV. And each of them want to watch something else. Usually the man is on top, the winner and decides unless the woman makes a scene. But not in this household. If Didi wants the TV remote she's gonna have it. Otherwise she'll even fight you for it. No kidding. Just ask Fernando. He tries to take the remote and watch his program but Didi immediately wrestles him down to the ground and chokes him so strong he almost passes out. More over she has her smelly stinky dirty worn socks on and she's not afraid to use them! :) Fernando has no chance and pretty soon he's forced to smell Didi's socks and bare feet in humility and acknowledge she's the winner. But that's just a start - as long as Didi has the upper hand, or better yet foot, she wants to enjoy it as much as she can, so she makes Fernando worship her bare feet too. Poor guy, so humiliated and dominated by such a big girl with BIG feet.

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