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  • June 6, 2022 20 min 10 sec

Apartment and foot tour with sexy real estate agent, POV


Another apartment to see, another one that you will not like's horrible this apartment crises. You're really tired of it all and would love to quit it, but you can't, you need a place to live. But what you don't expect is to have such a young and sexy real estate agent with such amazing bare feet with the sexiest long toes and high arches. She is gorgeous! From the beginning you don't even listen to what she's saying and you just stare at her feet and also her ass...OMG that ass! She's still talking and you just can't take your eyes off her. You're smitten right away. You just want to worship her feet right now! What you don't know is that you're so obvious she's suspecting from the start you're into feet. And she's trying to use it to her advantage. Showing them off but still doing like she knows nothing. Maybe she's not doing very good job hidding it but you don't even notice yourself since your eyes are buried in her sexy feet. This goes for a while until she reveals she knows about your love for feet and offers you her feet if you sign and buy this apartment. It's pretty hard choice...and it's getting harder and harder...

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