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  • March 14, 2022 9 min 33 sec

Boy home alone giving a girl-robber's feet a hard time


Ginger is a professional robber. She's cleaned a lot of apartments and houses and she's pretty skilled in it too - no door can stop her and no safe is really very safe :). But she has never robbed in a place like this. Where the only one who's hidding inside is this little boy who is so vicious and so mean and insidious that you wouldn't believe it. Ginger gets in quite easily but right behind the door her boots stick to the ground and she can't move them. "What the hell is this?!" she thinks. But there is nothing else to do then take those boots off and continue barefoot. In the next room there is a lot to steal and as Ginger is thinking about what to take, this kid sneaks up to her feet and puts matches in between her toes and lights them on. You should have hear the scream from her! She's pretty mad but continues on. She enteres the next room and right away she feels a sharp pain on her soles. A lego parts are on the ground and now also pricked on her soles. Right after she takes them off she steps on a board with so many nails in it she's lucky only one ended up in her foot. Jumping on one foot, mad and in murderes mood she thinks it can't get worse, but it can...much much worse...

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