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  • March 9, 2022 15 min 58 sec

Long toes and sexy feet getting her promotion


There are more ways how to get a good job position. You can be smart, workoholic, you can be in your boss's ass or you can be very very competent. can have the longes most sexy toes and feet! Jack worked hard to have the company he has today, he denied himself a lot over the years and now he wants something back. Johana, his employee, she has the most amazing feet and especially those long sexy toes and Jack wants those feet. He calls Johana to his office, the poor girl is all worried what's going on, whether she did something wrong but no - everything is fine. Jack compliments Johana on her work results and he offers a promotion too. Johana is excited but nothing is free. Jack explains about his foot fetish and that he loves Johana's feet and he wants to worship them. And in return she will let him worship her feet from time to time. Johana is pretty surprised but she agrees. Partially for the job position but also because she actually loves foot massage and foot worship might be interesting too, she thinks. A true win-win situation that we have here. It's good to be the boss! :)

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