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  • March 21, 2022 13 min 36 sec

Friendly neighbour getting his foot worship reward


Jack lives in this building for several years now, he doens't know many people here but pretty quickly he noticed this girl who lives here too. Her name is Megan but that's about everything he knows about her. Ou, and he knows her feet and toes are amazing! From what he say in the hallway few times... But this afternoon is one he will never forget. What happened is that Jack met Megan on the hallway again as she's returning from her vacation, trying to pull up her suitcase on the stairs and it's way too heavy for her. So Jack finally finds his balls somewhere in there and offers Megan his help. She's glad to accept and starts a nice conversation and her being grateful she invites Jack for a drink to talk and get to know her neighbour. Jack agrees of course and as they're sitting in her livingroom, Megan having her bare feet and sexy long toes on the coffee table, Jack can't take it anymore and almost screams out that he really loves her bare feet. Now he expects she'll throw him our calling him a perv or something but the opposite happens. Megan is really cool with it, not surprised that much and right here Jack feels his opportunity!

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