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  • February 26, 2016 12 min 54 sec

Two girls footdom

Denisa Amber

Two friends, Denisa and Amber, fights for a place to sit but Denisa fights dirty. She quickly beat Amber and takes her on the ground while Denisa is sitting victoriously in her chair. As a winner she enjoys the power and forces Amber to take off her sneakers and smell her worn socks. Amber fights back and really doesn't want to do it but at the end she has no chance. She has to! Foot and socks domination and humiliation continues on while Amber is forced to put Denisa's socks in her mouth and taste her foot sweat after all day in those shoes. She has no choice and does it as well as kiss Denisa's ass and feet while kneeling before her and telling her she's the winner, that Denisa beat her. This is third person view video with parts of POV scenes to put you there under Denisa's feet and get dominated by this beautiful young goddess.

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