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A great new model with long toes and very sexy feet is here! Lexi! She's amazing! Lexi has never even heard about foot fetish before hired her to shoot videos and photos. She has amazing feet - long toes, size 39-40 EU, that is around 9 US size. Her feet are long and slim and her big toe is not the longest toe. Lexi likes to show off - she likes to be in the middle and to be the prettiest girl with the nicest feet around. Lexi is very passionate and very primal and she is a good actress actually. On her first shooting she laughed at everything. She just didn't get how guys like us can be into feet. What's so great on feet? she asked. But man...look at her feet. They are great. We love them! And by now she understands how pretty her feet are and how weak mean are at her feet. You'll love her too!

Age: 28

Height: 170 cm

Foot size: 39 EU

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