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  • March 3, 2021 75

Posing her long toes and sexy soles for you


Your roommate Rachels need something again and this time she knows what works on you. You't into feet like crazy! Just admit it! Come on, you admit it and good things will happen. Don't worry Rachel won't judge you one bit. She's pretty opened to stuff and she actually likes her feet and it could be interesting to have them worshiped. She loves foot massages that's for sure. So don't be shy and take her feet in your hands and show her for the first time what it feels to have her feet, soles and long toes worshiped. That's it, keep going, she look like she's enjoying it. I mean really enjoying it! And those sexy slim feet and soft soles are just amazing...just to have them on your face...OMG this is heaven!

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