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Strong russian gymnast showing her feet in flats


You have a crush on gymnasts, right? On preferably smaller girls, young ,pretty but very strong, girls who know some martial art or are strong enough to be able to kick your ass. Does it turn you on to be dominated by such girls. You've just met Kasin in the gym and she seems like a nice girls and she is. Her daily routine is workout for sure, preparation for some bikini fitness competitions. She's pretty strong, when muscle flexing she looks really nice, but what you're most interested in are her feet, right? Her small sexy russian feet that turn you on so much. You like to watch her stretch, workout and do all kind of gymnastic stuff and you just hope she's will take those smelly sweaty flats off and do it all barefoot, don't you. She's onto you but it looks like it's not a problem for her...I mean your desires...your...foot fetish. She likes to tease and this might just be your lucky day.

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