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  • March 3, 2021 104

Roommates sexy long toes teasing you like crazy!


Your roommate has amazing sexy feet! She has such a long toes and sexy soles, slim feet of size 42 and she is always barefoot of in sandals or flip flops. Her feet are just driving you want to worship them, smell them, lick those feet! You can't take it anymore so you pretend to drop some keys next to her feet just so you could touch them. It works and you are so much turned on by those amazing feet that you have to try it again. So you do but without you knowing it, your roommate becomes to be suspicious about your behavior. She's starting to think you have a thing for her feet. So she tests you by putting her feet on the table right in front of you and she pretends to do something on her phone. You're trying to hold it but you can't. Her feet are too sexy for you and you touch them again. Now she knows what's going on. The question is - what is she gonna do about it? Maybe she'll let you have her feet just to see what's it all about...

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