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  • March 3, 2021 96

Naughty high heels and barefoot teasing with Crystal


Crystal is pretty naughty girl, not afraid to try almost anything. She came to visit you knowing very well you're into feet. That's why she has her sexy high heels on and nice little summer dress only. She just kinda invited her self in to have a mouse-cat play with you. Guess who you are in this scenario. Her feet and the poses she does to seduce you and make you weak for her feet are so powerful. You're not sure if she knows about your foot fetish but over time you get more and more sure as she's taking off her shoes, leaving right in front of you just her sexy bare feet and as she sends you on the ground and putting her soles right to your face. You're confused about why she's doing it but you have absolutely no problem with it! She or better yet her feet own your ass right now and you're ok with it. This is awesome! Such sexy feet and such a naughty girl willing to let you worship them. It's like a dream. You just never want to wake up.

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