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  • March 3, 2021 105

Special Christmas sexy barefoot teasing


Christmas is here! No, just kidding, but this lovely gallery of Enigma who once got Christmasy mood has been hidding from us till now. :) She's garnishing her home, decorating, preparing the Christmas tree and having a good mood. And she's doing that bare foot! As part of her preparations she made a nice POV video where she uses all the decorations and put them on her feet and in between toes and on her amazing soles and she teases you with her perfect feet. She don't want to be recognized but you'll always recognize her feet. Quite long toes and perfectly shaped soles always gives her away. The camera is positioned right in front of her pretty feet and you can see every detail, you can almost smell her feet that way. She'll show you whatever you'll wanna see but you might have to pitch in a bit - help her out with the decoration...and with her feet. Deal?

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