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  • March 3, 2021 67

Watching Megan up close as she washes her sexy feet


Megan's feet got dirty after her workout. They are dusty and sweaty...they need to be washed. Too bad there is no one to wash them for her. She'll have to do it herself. But you know what? You get to watch. Megan has it all on camera - she getting her feet wet, soaping them up, her soles, her long toes, one by one she's rubbing them and soaping them and washing all the dirt off leaving just clean and sexy feet and toes. She recorded it all up close and from many angles so you can see everything. But now it's time to dry up her feet, slowly, there is no rush. It's important you see it all. Megan is taking her time and really taking care of those sexy feet. They pay for her stuff so they need to be taken care of. And she has to do it her self, unless there is someone to help her with it. You, maybe?

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