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  • March 3, 2021 51

Foot pitching fight with two cute Asians in pyjamas

Sun Lynn

These two crazy girls really should not be living together. They fight constantly over the TV remote and over their teddy bear and other stuff. But they look so cute when they're fighting! Thank some foot fetish god they do live together. Today it's the same story - they both want to want something else on TV and they start to tease each other with their sexy little Asian feet. First there is some poking with feet and pretty soon some tickling and also pinching using their toes. They are laughing all the time but sometimes those pinches really hurt and they are both very tickling all over it's a fight, alright. Watching them you just have to love Vietnamese girls. They are so pretty and cute and most importantly their feet are amazingly sexy! Especially when they settle down at the end and put their 4 sexy feet on the table, close up, and wiggle their toes and play with their feet while watching TV. Try not to jerk at this amazing view, Sun and Lynn dare you! :)

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