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  • March 3, 2021 134

Sexy redhead controls Mr. director with her big feet


You're very competent and dominant man, being a director of a big company and all, but you have one weakness - you're so much into feet, they control you, especially with sexy high heels. And your assistant Ginger knows this very well. Her big feet and high heels are an incredible turn on for you and she knows just how to play you. Today she needs something from you and she's playing dirty to get it. She walks in, acting all surprised you're there in the company relaxation area as well and she starts to talk to you with this voice, calling you Mr. director and just trying to get you under her spell. She starts to use her feet as well, taking her shoes off and at that second she can see how hooked you actually are. You don't have a chance against her. She's got you and you'll do anything she wants...anything for those sexy BIG soles and toes.

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