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  • March 3, 2021 101

Pretty lesbian with long toes and sext feet


Johana was born in Prague, she's 25 years old, very petite and she's into girls! Her toes are pretty long and her feet are very very soft and very well taken cared of. Even though she's lesbian she enjoys foot worship from guys too and given how sexy her feet are, she had more then one offer in the past. Johana is very open minded, willing to try everything and she really loves foot massage. She actually immediately asked for one on her first shooting and enjoyed it very much. Johana has no problem of shooting outside, in front of people and she's a good actress too. It doesn't seem so on first look but she has pretty big feet of size 40 EU / 9 US. Hopefully her feet will be a bit smelly too, we would really love that! :)

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