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  • March 3, 2021 78

Foot model job interview - big and tiny feet competition

Bunny Lynn

Bunn and Lynn are both young students who need money and part time jobs to get them. So it's not such a big coincidence when they both meet on an interview for foot modeling job. They are pretty surprised though and get a bit competitive. They both start to insult the other one's feet - one that they are too small and the other one that they are too big. They fight a bit like this for some time, having their feet on the table and pressing them against each other and comparing them barefoot and also against their own shoes, putting their feet in great angles for the camera and basically teasing with them. But finally the first girl gets invited in on the interview leaving the other one in the waiting room, getting all worked up and nervously playing with her feet. They she gets invited too and at the end they both get the job - of course! I mean - have you look at the girls and at their sexy feet??

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