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Coffee break foot smother domination by sexy colleague


Jack and Foxy are working in a small office with 10 more people. They all know each other but that doesn't mean they all love each other - Foxy in not very fond of Jack in general and now she's about to show him that too. Jack is working and he has enough of it already so he decides to make some tea. As he's heading to the kitchen he sees Foxy there and says hi and all the stuff around and makes his tea and joins her at the kitchen table. She's eating some pie and Jack is sitting in front of her enjoying his tea. "Oh...it smells so nice. A quality tea at last!" he thinks to him self but something else is in the air too... Foxy's feet are on the table and they are really smelly! Jack starts to complain about it but Foxy does not want to put her shoes back on, nor put her stinky feet down from the table and she says they don't smell so she won't do anything about it. Jack is really disgusted but what can he do? They argue about it for some time but then Foxy has enough and she says to Jack: "Smell my feet. Smell them, I want you to smell them!". Jack refuses and she first grabs his by his tie and forces him to smell her worn pantyhose and then she practically blackmails him into smelling her feet. And she's laughing about too! :) Jack is helpless, her stinky worn pantyhose on her smelly feet are on his face and Foxy is relaxing above him and laughing down at him. What a humiliation for Jack!

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