• March 3, 2021 58

Young hitchhiker gets a ride for her BIG sexy feet


It's cold Fall and Bunny is heading back home but her bus her already left and her phone battery is dead. What to do now? The only thing she can do is to hitchhike. But even though she is young and pretty it is not as easy as she first thought it will be. Finally a guy stops and is willing to take her. Only he seems to want something in return...but Bunny has no money on her now...but he doesn't want money? And what does he want? Feet?? That sounds a bit weird to Bunny. Maybe she should rather get out of the car now and try her luck with someone else. On the other hand it's getting dark and the guy wants really only her feet and he seems quite normal to her. So what the hell, right? And he will take her all the way home after she lets him worship her feet? "Great! We have a deal!".

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